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Free To Play, The Best Thing Ever

Aren’t you guys tired of hearing all this mucker about how free-to-play is ruining the gaming industry, how microtransactions are just money-grabs, and all that garbage?

While some of you – scratch that, a lot – of you, will be arguing and conflicting with my opinions here, but hear me out.

Why I Love F2P

Free to Play is an awesome business model. Not only do the awesome developers get their money — and that’s where a lot of you place your arguments –, but the players (consumers) also get free content and entertainment — where most of you leave out as a factor. TF2 Free To Play

Entertainment is great. Some people can’t afford to pay $60 or so a year for just one game, yet alone purchase multiple games in the coming holiday wave. However, the Free to Play model is here to help them out. You see, even with micro-transactions, F2P is still a very cheap model of business.

Transactions include little packs of in-game currencies for as little as $0.99, not to mention these are completely optional.

Point is, free to play games are here to stay. They help out the lesser people and provide free entertainment for all. For example, Team Fortress 2 was one of my favorite games, and still is until this point. It’s awesome and I didn’t even pay a single dime to play it, but rather opted in — intentionally — to help out the devs and pretty much say thank you to them for creating an awesome game.

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Give Battlefield 4 A Chance

Battlefield 4 isn’t a bad game; believe me. If you can look through all the doubt and speculation about bugs and glitches, it’s a very fun game.

Battlefield 4 Deserves A Chance

I’m not going to go easy on EA for publishing a launch mess like BF4 was. It was a terrible, terrible launch. Servers were flying everywhere, there were downtimes, and a bunch of bugs. I had several issues with rubber-banding in Battlefield 4.

However, even though it did take a few months for EA and Dice to fix up the issues, it seems like they have gone away and we are left presented with a very nice product. Granted, a lot of you are probably mad that it took months for a $60 game to find it’s touch, but it’s finally here.

You shouldn’t stay mad since the game is finally a fun thing to spend time on. I personally spent countless hours honing my Battlefield 4 skills over the past weekend that I lost count of time entirely and spent a few all nighters as well.

Look past the bad history, as that’s all it is now. EA has done a great job creating an awesome, fun, and graphically stunning game in Battlefield 4, not to mention stellar, game-changing multiplayer.

Why I Love TF2
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Team Fortress 2, A Game of Fun

Before I get into any specifics, let me tell you one thing: Team Fortress 2 is a mad fun game. If you haven’t already played it, I suggest you go download it right now. First of all, it’s free to play, meaning it costs absolutely nothing to enjoy it to it’s fullest extent. Second, the game has been out for years now and it’s still being updated. As a gaming enthusiast, that makes me happy.

Why Team Fortress 2 Is So Fun

Honestly, it’s because it is so chill and calm about everything. It’s not necessarily calm in the traditional sense, but in a way that doesn’t make it too serious, if you catch my drift. All I’m saying is that the focus of entertainment isn’t solely being the best in a competitive playing field. Rather, it’s just playing your heart out in a game that’s meant only for killing other characters and burning stress.Why I Love Team Fortress 2

Why TF2 Is My Go-To Game

After a full, long day at work, why would I ever come home only to compete with other players and work my tail off with my K/D in a game like Call of Duty? To others, that might seem like a fun way to go, and believe me it is. But personally, I prefer just taking my time with something as brainless as Team Fortress 2.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gaming PC

Top Factors to Consider Before Buying Gaming Desktops

Over the past couple of years, the amount of game players has increased on a large scale in different parts of the world. This is due to the fact that games tend to provide people with an exceptional way to pass free time. Since most of the games these days are exceptionally addictive and have graphics to die for, getting the best gaming PC or desktop is the best way to enjoy them for good. However, before buying the best gaming PC of 2014, a wide number of various factors must really be considered beforehand in order to avoid any disappointment in the long run. Gaming PC Under 500

Display Quality & Size

One of the most important things to consider before going ahead and buying the best gaming PCs 2014 is to decide the kind of display which will be the most adequate. Now different desktops arrive with both normal and top notch display quality. Most games require high end display quality to function, which is why this factor stands as one of the most essential ones to consider in the first place. Various displays have different prices, all depending on their pixel density and size. Display size must also be thoroughly decided upon before buying any gaming PC for good.

Sufficient Budget

The idea of buying one of the best gaming desktops 2014 is surely a great one but one of the most significant things for people to have is a budget in mind before. This truly tends to stand as the most important factor in the process of buying a gaming PC in the long run. Both low and high budget gaming PCs are available in the market now; therefore, individuals are recommended to waste no time in purchasing the one which tends to fit in their initial budget.

High End Memory (RAM)

Memory is something that should be considered on a large scale before going ahead and buying any kind of gaming desktop and PC in the long run. This is due to the fact that without sufficient memory, many high end games cannot function so well and sometimes, not at all. Therefore, the RAM must be selected with great care and wisely in order to avoid any memory related issues later on. It must be selected by keeping the kind of Windows of the desktop or PC in mind.

Good Gaming DesktopsCooling Properties &CPU

Due to the fact that there are desktops with different kinds of CPUs and cooling properties available in the market, it is highly significant for4 individuals to consider this factor beforehand. Many high end gaming PCs and desktops do not offer adequate cooling, which really is not a good thing, considering how gaming tends to heat PCs up in a short period of time. When it comes to the important decision of choosing CPU before buying the best gaming PCs 2014, it is highly essential for individuals to know that six cores or above are not necessary in order to play games adequately in the long run. As a common misconception, people must know that five cores also work just fine for playing games.